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Software Version 2.96.4 released Thermoguard Report with TextToSpeech - SEE THIS VIDEO


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Sensorcontroller SC1eS replaces SC1ePn, now providing connection terminal for sensor (as with SC2eP)


Updated "What our Customers say"

Thermoguard: Reliable monitoring Solutions for the
Pharmaceutical Industry with full GxP Compliance

Thermoguard® develops turnkey products for fail-safe computer aided temperature and humidity monitoring, independent of human interaction and with realtime alarms.

 staff independent   GMP compliant   flexible   failsafe   maintenance free   and more...

Thermoguard is used to monitor refrigeration and heating equipment in laboratories, production facilities and commercial premises in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as critical rooms with IT equipment. Thermoguard is an industry standard for online temperature and humidity control via computer networks.

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